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The Self-Doubt Stigma

The more successful you are, the more paralyzing self-doubt can feel. This is especially true for women in leadership roles. In fact the confidence gap between the sexes is at an all time high:

Women still earn 80 cents on the $ vs. men.

Female led companies account for just 4.3% of total business revenue.

Women hold just 6.6% of CEO roles in the Fortune 500.

The looming cousins of self-doubt: imposter syndrome, perfectionism and the ever present inner-critic can sideline our dreams, goals and plans without us even realizing it.

In leadership roles, whether you’re in corporate, own a business or BOTH, it can feel isolating to be ‘in charge’ of companies, departments and teams AND carry the crushing weight of self-doubt.

Asking for help feels impossible and the shame you carry about it all feels even heavier. ( and your brain gives you unhelpful thoughts like ‘shouldn't I have this figured out by now? ugh.) 


The GOOD news?


I completely understand where you are.

And I can absolutely help you.

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Meet Tracy

Tracy Oswald is The High Achievers' Coach, host of the Life, Immersed Podcast, and VP of Content & Experiential Marketing at the USA Today Network's LOCALiQ. 
As The High Achievers' Coach, she helps female leaders and founders root out self-doubt, get into inspired action and boldly show up to create real results.
Tracy has personally worked with hundreds of high-achieving women to help them get clear on what’s holding them back, face it head on, and execute their vision with clarity and confidence.
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