Anti Hustle and Grind Culture

grind hustle podcast Oct 11, 2019

Hey you guys!

I’m gearing up to go back to NYC to record more Growth Lab podcast episodes with Andre in a few weeks and every time I  go I plan an immersive adventure.

There’s a new show called Who Killed Edgar Allan Poe and it’s playing in Times Square, which is  put on by DDM productions and RPM underground and and the website if you want to get tickets.

Not sure which show I’ll end up going to but I promise to tell you all about it!

I had this whole different episode planned out to record today. When I first came up with the premise of this show, I created a content calendar and mapped out my first 20 episodes. And today’s episode was SUPPOSED to be about the 7 Signs of Serious Self-Doubt in High Achievers.

But this morning I was on LinkedIn, which is where I spend 95% of my social media time - it’s my favorite platform. I have so much love for LinkedIn and it’s really going through this renaissance!...

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