It's not about doing more. It's about BEING more.

Join a handful of elite, kick-ass women on an unconventional immersive coaching adventure designed to unlock your courage so you can show up BOLD and BIG in your life and work!

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The world is waiting for you to show up.



Are you a kick-ass female corporate leader or entrepreneur?

Yes, I'm talking to YOU.

If you’re a kickass female corporate leader or entrepreneur who is finally ready to experience exponential growth, unlock your courage and get into bold, FUN and inspired action -

The Immersive Coaching Adventure Program is designed specifically for you!

Look, we both know that there are tons of coaching programs out there with "easy 3 step processes" that guarantee total transformation in 30 days or less!

This is NOT one of those programs.


Because you and I both know that by and large, those programs don’t produce long term and high impact results

What I’m offering you is so much more.

 So much deeper.

 And a lot more ambitious.

 Kinda like flying. Without a net.

 And with a handful of like minded, powerful women by your side and me, your coach and guide, you'll finally be creating and living the kind of life you've been waiting for all these years.

YOUR 6 Month Immersive Coaching Adventure Program 


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About the life you want to live and create, and a PLAN to make it happen.

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A magic adventure in NYC that will unlock your agency & power!

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Deep Coaching

Experience life-changing, transformative individual & group coaching.

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Camaraderie, support & friendship of a group of elite, kick-ass women!

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Powerful self-coaching tools to ensure you stay on track between sessions.

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You Adventure Blueprint will chart your course & guide you in creating your big & bold life!

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Tracy Oswald is The High Achievers' Coach, host of the Courageous, Successful & Happy Podcast, and keynote speaker.

 As the High Achievers' Coach, she helps female founders and leaders root out self-doubt, get into inspired action and BOLDLY show up to create real results.

I get where you are.

I've been where you are.

For as long as you can remember you've had this feeling, a calling to do something much bigger in the world.

The thing is, you already have a good job and a wonderful life. In fact, people envy you and your success. And you're happy, but… know in your heart you're not living into your true potential in the world. 

 You often think about what it would be like to start living with more intention AND adventure.

“Stop being silly” your brain tells have a great life….these thoughts will go away.

But they never do.

They resurface all the time, reminding you, calling you. 

And then that voice in your head starts talking. The volume on the self-doubt meter goes sky-high and you start thinking..


I’m not good enough…

I’m not smart enough…

I’m not creative enough ….

I’m not disciplined enough…

I don’t have the right experience to…

There’s NO way I could EVER do this…

Because despite all your success you STILL experience a ton of self-doubt.

You've been able to “effort” your way to where you are now through sheer will and hard work, but as you imagine showing up in the world in a big and bold way, your brain immediately shuts you down and you experience:

ANXIETY about time passing, getting older and STILL not taking action(when will you find the courage?)

SHAME of STILL having so much self doubt DESPITE the success you've been able to create.

FRUSTRATION of “wasting” your time with mindless activities (Netflix, wine and endless scrolling!) You watch yourself do this and feel powerless to make a different choice.

ENVY of seeing other women younger than you break free from the self doubt and obstacles that were holding them back to accomplish BIG things in the world. (I’m JUST as smart as they are...why can’t that be ME?)

FEAR of actually growingDo I really WANT to change? What if I make all these changes in my life and the people I love no longer like me? OR worse, I feel differently about the people closest to me? What if I try and FAIL - what will that mean about ME? (What if I try and SUCCEED?)

DESPAIR Will you EVER overcome this feeling of self doubt? You've tried SO many things: books, courses, seminars, meditation, coaching programs and NOTHING has worked. You feel like time is passing quickly and you can’t seem to overcome this no matter WHAT you do. Maybe this is just how life was “meant” to be for you? (It wasn't, I promise!)


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Our Guides And Touchstones


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Self Agency

Agency is our ability to make choices and exert our personal power in the world. You'll break free from your loops, get out of 'default mode', and start making choices that power the future you want to create.

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 We'll unearth YOUR narrative - the stories you tell yourself about who you are, how the world works and what's actually possible. And we'll write some NEW stories that serve where you are going!

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'Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all'.  We'll use the concept of adventure as our path to creating YOUR best life. It will become your "HOW" you create and accomplish your goals in 2020. 

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