Tracy Oswald is The High Achievers' Coach, host of the Courageous, Successful & Happy Podcast, Vice President of Content & Experiential Marketing for LOCALiQ - part of the USA Today Network, and keynote speaker.

 As the High Achievers' Coach, she helps female founders and leaders root out self-doubt, get into inspired action and boldly show up to create real results.

Coach, leader, advocate for women.

Tracy has personally worked with hundreds of high-achieving women to help them get clear on what’s holding them back, face it head on, and execute their vision with clarity and confidence.

A Vice President in a global media company, she’s experienced first-hand the challenges that plague high-achieving women and knows exactly what it takes to rise above.

Pushing boundaries, exploring possibilities.

Leveraging her strong connection to the immersive theater world, she works with her VIP clients by pushing the boundaries of human connection, vulnerability and growth through immersive experiences all over the country.

Tracy combines her executive leadership skills, coaching mastery, deep understanding of the brain science behind change, and the adventure of immersive theater to help successful women create next-level results and have FUN doing it.

My Story 

In August of 2012, I was a very successful sales leader in NYC, living a pretty nice life. Wonderful family, great career, nice clothes, all of it.

Except I was lonely. And afraid.

I had this feeling I was just scratching the surface of what I was capable of but the never- ending voices in my head kept telling me that I wasn’t good enough, or smart enough to take myself to the next level.

I also believed that if I just worked harder and put in more hours, I could achieve the level of success I wanted. I worked nights and weekends, missed family trips and had ZERO social life all in the name of trying to 'muscle' and effort my way to the next level. (clue: this doesn’t work.)

I also had so much shame around STILL doubting myself and not being able to get out from underneath the crushing weight of it.

After all, I was already pretty successful, shouldn’t I have all this figured out? Time was passing and I felt like I was never going to find the courage to be bolder in my life and work.

So I let myself zone out at night with Netflix and Cabernet, trying to numb my anxiety and frustration.

I would see other (really brave!) women breaking out and accomplishing BIG things in the world and applauded them on the outside but on the inside I felt so much envy….why can’t that be me? 

What’s WRONG with me?

 Oh yeah...I’m not braveenoughsmartenoughgoodenough…..

I  tried a LOT of different programs, read books, made action plans, and while some of it was helpful, I was never able to make anything stick.

If you had ever met me during that time, you wouldn’t have  known I this crushing self-doubt because I became an expert in putting on the front, the armor, the costume of a confident, put together, outgoing, successful leader and person.

Underneath my shell of success was deep self-doubt and intense shame for not being able to get myself to that next level. (sound familiar?)

On August 21st 2012 at about 9:00 pm I realized that the potential for human connection, growth and success is limitless, and that I was meant to serve at a much higher level.   

During the incredible experience I had on that warm August evening, (ask me about this, it’s my favorite story to tell!) it all rushed together in a moment of clarity.

My brain was a liar. There was an entire world right in front of me that was begging me to show up!

I just had to let go of everything I thought was true and leap into the unknown.

That experience sparked my journey on deep self-work,  working with my own coach, to becoming a certified coach and helping high-achieving women step boldly into everything that they know they are capable of but dare not speak out loud.

People ask me,  “Why do you only work with women?” Women face a different set of challenges. And I completely understand them. 

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