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Tracy Oswald is The High Achievers’ Coach, the host of "Life, Immersed" podcast, co-host of The Growth Lab Podcast and speaks all over the country for the USA Today Network. 

A sought after speaker, she dazzles audiences with her quick wit, electric energy and vulnerable stories to connect, entertain, educate and inspire. 

Tracy works with every organization to create a highly customized version of her keynote. 

High Achievers / Leaders & Business Owners/Women’s Organizations


Program Description

*note: Keynote can be adapted easily for a mixed audience


The High Achiever's Accelerator


High Achievers [+ high achieving women] face a different set of challenges when it comes to GROWTH. They’re already successful, have worked hard to get there and others look to them as an example of what’s possible.

They have BIG ideas about their future and feel called to show up in an even more powerful way. But despite the success they’ve created they STILL have feelings of self-doubt causing them to soft pedal their BIG goals and mute their calling to play a BIGGER game.

They're operating on auto-pilot 95% of the time, because their self-doubt amplifies their fear of FAILING. It's much easier [and safer] to stay in their loop and play this smaller game.

They also believe that happiness is the trade-off for success, AND that the only way to create a BIGGER life is to work harder. [nothing could be further from the truth.]

The High Achievers’ Coach, Tracy Oswald has condensed all of the knowledge learned from her exciting personal/professional journey, experience coaching hundreds of high achieving women, and the countless hours [and investment] studying the top brain science experts in the world.


After this powerful, igniting, and FUN talk, your audience will be able to:

  • Reclaim their agency and come OFF auto-pilot
  • Activate a powerful 3 Step Thought Model to eradicate self-doubt
  • Master the ability to create calm, focused and intentional energy to fuel their next success
  • Take inspired action with less hustle & grind and more alignment



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General Audience Program Description


The Courage Formula:

How to Show Up to Your Life and Create Extraordinary Results


Research tells us that a whopping 98% of people die without achieving their big goals. This is largely because, of the 70,000 thoughts we have each day, 80% are them are negative and 98% of them are the same thoughts we had the day before!

Our brain’s main job is to help us find pleasure, avoid pain and to keep us safe and alive. So it tells us things all the time that simply aren’t true. Things like, “You’re not good enough, smart enough or disciplined enough. No one wants to hear about your big dreams and ideas, so do NOT speak up. You’re probably wrong anyway. Keep quiet, play it safe and blend in with the crowd.”

 Our brain has convinced us to play it safe and small. It's no wonder we can't find the courage to create the life and results we truly want. So we stay silent and afraid, stuck in our loop, with no clear path to the success we desire.

Self-doubt and fear are the enemies of innovation and growth, whether inside a large corporation, a small business or a one-person creative shop.  Your people have incredible ideas inside them that could help your company innovate and grow. Yet due to the way our brains work, most are afraid to speak up and contribute, costing you millions of dollars in unrealized revenue. 


In this powerful and enlightening session, The High Achiever’s Coach, 

Tracy Oswald has condensed all of the knowledge learned from

spending countless hours and investing tens of thousands of dollars learning from the top brain science experts in the world.


After this powerful keynote, your audience will:

  • Finally understand exactly what's holding them back and WHY
  • Activate a powerful 3 Step Model to create the THOUGHTS to fuel their actions and growth
  • Deploy the 1 critical mind shift that will unlock their ability to accelerate their success
  • Grow from 'mastering their minds' to Leading Their Brains
  • Get into [Inspired] ACTION around their goals and plans
  • Contribute and innovate at a much higher level

Audience members will walk away with specific and actionable steps to change their minds (literally!) so they can show up to their lives and work in a much bigger way.


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